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  • Angels on the Move

Angels on the Move


Are you curious about angels - how they are deployed, what they are sent to do, and how their assignments shape your life? Would you like to receive a new awareness of the supernatural activity around you and how to work with God's angels to see His purposes fulfilled in your life?

Through Biblical insights coupled with her own personal encounters with the angelic realm, Lois Flewelling offers revelation into angelic engagements. In response to our prayers, angels arrive bearing hope, healing, provision, protection, and divine warnings from our caring Heavenly Father.

Learn how angels:

  • Empower and provide for you.
  • Supernaturally work in answering your prayers.
  • Fight strategically to provide protection and deliverance.
  • Rescue you from demonic strongholds.
  • Transform your life in miraculous ways!

You are invited to embark on a journey that will upgrade your awareness of the divine angelic realm, advance your ability to partner with these mighty warriors, and experience supernatural transformation in your life!

Angelic movement isn't random; it's strategic, timely, and purposeful, orchestrated to fulfill God's will.

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