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My powerful 1:1 Transformational Coaching Program Unstoppable!! A New Life Stance is designed to create a new life stance where you reclaim your identity, expand your authority, and walk through obstacles tenaciously.   Through revelatory insights, a strategic plan, and practical application, I will empower you to gain clarity in your purpose, increase confidence, and transform your mindset.  I will help you attain new tools to break through limitations and skills to help you step into your role as an effective influencer that transforms the world around you.  

Are you a dreamer?  Great, for God has wonderful plans for you.  He plants big dreams inside each of us  and desires to help us reach goals specifically designed for his plan and purpose.  Don"t be hindered by past choices, past situations, or a wrong mindset around who you are.  It is time to fulfill your divine dream and set into all that God has for you.    You can acquire a new life stance that accents your capabilities, your strengths, and a higher level of accomplishment.  Learn how to experience more freedom, tap into your new identity in Christ, navigate chaos, walk in more authority, and become victorious over every obstacle that stands in your way.  Become Unstoppable in living your life freely embracing all God has for you!

Phone calls and zoom calls are available for United States.  Need email for zoom calls.

Zoom calls only for all other countries.



Get ready for a new life stance! This plan offers two session a month for three months.

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