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Lois Flewelling

Lois is an engaging speaker, teacher, and author who flows in the prophetic anointing to empower individuals to walk out in their God-given destiny. She is an international speaker who teaches on how to enter and walk out in your God anointed assignments. 

Enhance Your Confidence  - Expand Your Influence  - Empower Your Life


Lois is passionate about helping people realize their identity in Christ and experience the power of the Holy Spirit. She combines Biblical truths with real world examples, in order to help others grow in their relationship with God. When Lois is speaking, she has a way of engaging everyone in the room.  If you are open to it, Lois’s Scripture based teachings can change your life.


Lois has a passion and a commitment to lead people to freedom ad to walk forward in their own God ordained destiny.  Her own prophetic gift is the foundation for her classes, books, teaching, and counseling.  Lois always draws people to a deeper understanding of intimacy and love to the Lord in their lives.  Her teaching is solid and grounded in the word of God.  The cry of her heart for the people is freedom. 


Due to many stressors over the last several years, I was not able to drive or go out by myself in over a year.  I was losing out on life and decided I can no longer stay in isolation.  After reaching out to Lois who helped me take charge of my life again, I have regained a bold confidence and am able to stand up to all limitations that previously challenged my ability to do simple tasks.  I am now driving again, going out socially by myself, making healthy decisions around my life, and enjoying friendships and life.


I found myself lost in the midst of chaos and confusion.  Fear and panic, negative thinking and behaviors which resulted in devastating consequences forced me into a place of enough, a need to make some significant changes.  I reached out for help and received deliverance and healing. I am now on the path to wholeness and pursing my divine calling without fear of what others think.  I no longer am allowing the trauma from my past dictate my future.  Through Lois’ help, I am hopeful, able to set attainable goals and am excited about what is possible for me.


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