Letting the Old Go and Bringing in the New

I had an interesting dream last night that initially I thought was very dark. Then the Lord revealed to me a message of restoration. In this dream, many people were covered in black cloaks, running frantically, and trying to hide from a presence that was chasing them, searching them out. I could not see this presence only sensed it in my spirit which indicates it is only a shadow of truth. There was intense fear that permeated over the area. Within this dark space, objects had been thrown throughout allowing a few seconds of escape for those who were trying to find a place of refuge but instead this dark presence quickly found us. I tried repeatedly to get out of the dream but each time I awakened, prayed, and closed my eyes again, I would enter into the dream only to have it progress where it had left off.

I sensed this is how many of us feel about our lives. Covered with darkness, one negative or chaotic situation after another, we found it difficult to find a moment of relief. We work hard to manage each situation but another confusing, messy circumstance arises. Trying to escape by awakening out of the situation and interrupting its attempt to pull us down, we pray diligently only to find ourselves entering into the web of darkness again. It feels hopeless and overwhelming. These repeated assaults are designed to completely remove any remaining fight that may be lingering on the inside. I also sensed in my spirit that many of us are trying to hide. Some of us are hiding from ourselves, some hiding from the Lord, others hiding from circumstances that they are currently in. This is the darkness that is wrapped around us, that hiding place that prevents us from seeing as God would have us see.

The last time I woke up I prayed in tongues so that I could get released. When I shut my eyes this time, I was back in the dream but had been plucked out of the dark area I previously was in and plopped onto a beach lying on the edge of the water. I was stilled wrapped in a cloak of darkness. I stood up and threw the cloak off. Now I was standing in ankle deep water with small waves washing onto the shore.

The Lord spoke into me as I stood there. He called my name three times and he is calling each of us. "It is now time to come out of hiding. It is now time to stop stepping back. It is time to forgive yourself and those who have hurt you. It is time to stop running. It is time for you to start following me in new and different ways. It will be uncomfortable for you but the Lord wants to position you."

Many of us are only on the edge of his word because it is comfortable. But the Lord wants to take us into his deep waters of his truth. The Lord has positioned us to go deeper. We have to throw off what has been hindering us from becoming who he has called us to become. It is now time to stop running and start being. Be who you were called to be inside. Be confident in Christ and stop being a follower. Do not be confined by who others say you are. Expand yourself in your character, your talents, your gifting, and even in the ministry God has called you into.

For 2020, this word is significant for many of us. Get your vision and put it before you. Begin to take charge of who you are and the passions that exist within you. Pull out dreams, break off old words, and step into 2020 with a newness that radiates exactly who are! Open up to deeper truths and do not settle for milk. You are designed for so much more!

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