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Turned Around
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Are you living a substandard life as a Christian?
It's time for a Turnaround Encounter!

Turnaround encounters are life-changing.  Just one encounter God, His surpassing love and power, can bring about deliverance from bondage, clear a path to destiny, bring healing and other miracles, revelation, new purpose in life, and so much more. In Turned Around, we are inspired and invited to not only experience encounters ourselves, but to be instruments of encounter for others - Just like Jesus when he walked here on earth.  He displayed healing everywhere he went, raised the dead, and performed miracles, signs, and wonders.  In the same manner his disciples greatly impacted those they encountered.  Their influence not only changed lives but also affected every region they entered. Now it is our turn!
God passionately desires to reveal himself in powerful ways. Lois highlights personal stories of supernatural encounters that are occurring today that are capturing hearts to live more expectantly and powerfully for the Lord.  This book will inspire, challenge, and equip you to experience God dramatically.  More importantly, it will ignite your faith for all that Jesus has for you!

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