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Too often we find ourselves hurt, overwhelmed, or encumbered by devastating circumstances that are beyond our control.  David knew the feeling well. Though anointed king, he was driven to the cave of Adullam when others wanted him dead - but in God's time, he came forth ready to rule.  Our response to the cave is crucial. Those who surrender to internal work God wants to do in this place will emerge with revelation, healing, focus, and empowerment - victorious dread champions ready to do anything to advance God's kingdom. 

In Emerge, Lois Flewelling shines light into the dark recesses of our "caves". In this place we learn faith, intimacy authority, perspective, deliverance, and so much more! we are cleansed, renewed, and equipped to conquer. These pages contain keys and wisdom that will guide you through God's refining process so that you can emerge front the dark and into your Son-lit future of greatness.

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